Whole 30 – Day 19

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Sausage, Peppers and Onions with Shrimp

shrimp-sausage-potatoI will caveat that normally I use raw Italian sweet sausage when I make traditional sausage and peppers.  However, finding sausage without the prohibited ingredients has been challenging.  For this recipe, I used pre-cooked whole 30 compliant tomato basil chicken sausage that I found at Whole foods, but any smoked sausage could be used.   I thought the sausage itself was just ok so I might try it with a different one the next time.  My family said this recipe was a keeper and there were no leftovers so I’m pretty sure this recipe overall will make it into the rotation.

Really short on time? Use pre-cooked sausage and omit the potatoes

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Volcano Shrimp

There is a bar/restaurant in Wildwood, NJ that has an appetizer of Volcano shrimp (sometimes known as Bang Bang Shrimp) that I have been thinking about since last summer.  Here is the best copycat version that I’ve made to date.

Note that I don’t like food too spicy, so while these have a little kick, they will not burn your throat.

These cook quick so I highly recommend waiting until almost ready to eat to fry them.

volcano shrimp

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