Whole 30 – Day 31: Overall Results, Impact, and Next Steps

After 30 days of 30 non-repetitive daily dinners (my own internal challenge), one too many eggs for breakfast, 12+ hours at the gym, and missing wine, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived…[drum roll…]

Overall Results

Steve and I weighed ourselves this morning and we both lost ~7 pounds.  My jeans also fit better for sure.

I’m pretty happy with the results thus far.  It basically averages 1-2lb a week which I’ve heard is a healthy amount to lose each week.  Considering all the yummy food we’ve enjoyed this past month, I’m going to consider this a win!

Whole 30 Impact

No stomach pain: This past month, I was free of stomach pain.  I didn’t go into too much detail initially but I have dealt with years of various GI issues that cause me pain almost daily.  For anyone that deals with chronic stomach pain or really any kind of chronic pain, you can appreciate how big of a deal it is to me to be one month pain free.

Reading Labels: Both my husband and I are now proficient label readers.  I’m so much more conscious of what I eat and what ingredients are in the foods I buy.  The food industry really is sneaky the various ways they disguise added sugar and other chemicals into almost all packaged products.

Less Sugar Cravings: I initially thought by Day 31 I would want to chug a glass of wine and have a king size bar of Ghirardelli extra dark chocolate.  To my surprise, I’m not actually craving it nor do want to have it just because I can.

Making each meal count: I said early on that I would likely not be one of those people who move to only 3 meals a day.  While I’ve been trying to exercise better portion control, I have very long days and don’t think eating an extra large meal to carry me over will do anything positive for my waist line or my mind which equally needs nourishment.  As such, I need a snack to get me to the next meal.  However, instead of grabbing a bag of chips or chocolate, I’m now making better decisions on what I choose to put into my body. I still ask myself: Am I hungry enough to eat broccoli or hard boiled eggs? If the answer is no, it’s mental. If the answer is yes, I have my snack.

Now let’s talk about my kids

My daughter is 4 and my son is 7. They did not do the Whole 30 with us but they did eat every dinner I’ve included in this blog for the past 30 days and have cleaned their plate each and every time. I really could not be prouder of them!

I’ve also noticed that the more clean eating they have observed, the better choices they have made.   They are almost instinctively gravitating to the healthy snacks such as fruit, dried fruit, almond butter and bananas. In general, they have been eating less cereal/bread/pasta (probably partially due to the fact that I didn’t make it available).

Even before Whole 30, we generally don’t do “fun” desserts on weekdays unless it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday.   These days, they don’t even bother asking for junk and instead ask for a piece of fruit.

I have always said that kids adapt to their environment and that’s just what they did!

Next Steps

Paleo Living: Going forward, Steve and I decided we like how we feel right now so much that we will try to maintain a paleo lifestyle for most days of the week. I would like to limit “cheat days” to once or twice a week and preferably keep them for weekends or celebrations.

Welcome Back Wine: Pre-whole30, we had a glass of red wine every night with dinner.  Post Whole30, we will try to limit alcohol to two days a week (like Friday/Saturday dinners). Our livers may thank us too!

An Object in Motion Stays in Motion: During the Whole 30, I committed to 3 hours a week of gym time.  I’m finally back into a routine and don’t want to lose it. I would like to keep up 2-3 hours a week (schedules permitting), only to be substituted with 10,000+ steps a day (e.g. walking XX miles a day as we normally do when on vacation)

My Fitness Pal: While I was more focused on WHAT was going into our bodies, Steve was much better at keeping an eye on portion control.  He weighed his food to get an accurate portion and logged it in to My Fitness Pal (free app).  Now that I’m in a better habit of WHAT I should put in my body, I need to do a better job of HOW MUCH if I want to meet my ultimate health goals.   This will likely entail logging in exactly how much I eat each day to help keep me honest on my portions.

Last but not least, Thank You…

Blogging and Posting to Facebook really helped keep me stay accountable throughout the 30 days so I thank anyone who has taken the time to read, like, or comment on any of my posts.  I also hope that in sharing my Whole 30 journey, I’ve helped someone else along the way with their own journey.

I’m very thankful for my supportive husband who joined me on this journey and my kids who were open to trying and eating everything I made!



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