Whole 30 – Day 30 AKA LAST DAY!

I’ve been debating whether it would be considered a cheat if I weighed myself tonight and if I would have to start all over.  I decided to “wait” until tomorrow morning.  After all, I want this to be the results of the full 30 days and not 29.5.

Even though I met my 3 hours per week, I decided to go to the gym one last time before tomorrow’s weight check (just for good “measure”).  🙂

No matter what the results on the scale tomorrow end up revealing, I’m really proud of myself and my family.  My clothes fit better, I feel great overall and I’ve noticed positive changes in all four of us!

Tomorrow, I’ll provide the overall results as well as a summary of the impact that the Whole30 made on us and next steps…stay tuned…

Day 30 – AKA LAST DAY!

Breakfast: Torta and a coffee

Lunch: Leftover Super Bowl food: Pulled pork with pina colada slaw, tostone chips with avocado

Snacks: sea snax (roasted seaweed), 1 serving coconut water after the gym

Dinner: Slow cooked ribs with sweet potato/zucchini fritters (using the latke base) and sautéed garlic with a medley of swiss chard/baby kale/baby spinach and bacon

Gym: 45 min bike at the gym


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