Whole 30 – Day 27


Who has two thumbs and carries around an emergency Chomps beef jerky stick in their purse? …this girl! [Insert cringe here]…sorry I couldn’t resist…Today was a bit hectic as are most of our Saturdays.   I made it to the gym but didn’t have time to eat a normal lunch between the gym and the kid’s crazy activity schedule for the afternoon so I  was thankful to have the beef jerky and an emergency Larabar (both from Trader Joes).  It tied me over until I could have a small meal and helped prevent me from passing out or cheating when I’m so close to the end.

It was a long day.  I was actually too tired to prep for tomorrow’s Super Bowl Party (Whole 30 style) 🙂

Day 27

Breakfast: Eggs with Franks hot sauce and Wellshire farms turkey bacon

Lunch: Chomps Beef Jerky stick, cashew Larabar, and shared some leftover beef with daikon when I got home

Dinner: Baked chicken zucchini poppers with fresh guac (2 avocados, 1/2 lime juice, 2t cilantro), air-fried tostones, sautéed shishito peppers and salsa

Gym: 1 hour hot yoga vinyasa





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