Whole 30 – Day 26


I think the Whole 30 has finally gotten to my kids (despite the fact that they didn’t fully participate).  Tonight my husband took my son to basketball practice and they said they would eat after.  My 4 year old was hungry so we ate while they were at the practice.  I’ve never heard a 4 year old say “I love brussels sprouts!” After her 3rd helping of brussels sprouts, I decided to make another batch before the boys returned. Once she realized, I was making another batch, she housed the rest.  As I sit here typing, I’m still baffled by this!

Day 26

Breakfast: chorizo sun-dried tomato frittata

Lunch: asparagus soup and macadamia nut crusted chicken with salsa

Dinner: Meatza pie topped with popped garlic tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and broccoli. Roasted Brussels sprouts on the side (brussels sprouts tossed with 1T evoo, salt/pepper and placed in 400F oven for 25-35 min turning occasionally) and a little salsa with plantain chips

Gym: 1 hour (elliptical/TRX)



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