Whole 30 – Day 25

Today was one of those days that I was rethinking the idea of saving wine just for the weekends post-Whole 30.  It was that kind of day and on those kinds of days, it really is nice to have a little bit of wine with dinner.   Aside from it complimenting dinner perfectly and calming my central nervous system, I still maintain belief in the many health benefits to a little wine (key word little) on the daily :), but I digress.   Back to the regularly scheduled Whole 30 program.

Day 25

Breakfast: coffee, 1 pumpkin pecan square and 1 chorizo sun-dried tomato frittata square

Lunch: Leftover turkey/apple/spinach (topped with some of the apple gravy from last night) and broccoli mashed potatoes

Snack: Pumpkin pecan square, 1 slice prosciutto and strawberries

Dinner: Beef with Daikon and Haricot Verts over cauliflower rice


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