Whole 30 – Day 22

Over the weekend I bought a couple of acorn squashes and a couple of spaghetti squashes.  Despite the fact that no one in my house is a real squash fan, I just figured we would give it a chance and change things up.   I initially planned on making just the turkey stuffed acorn squash tonight but when I learned my dad and brother would be joining I decided to make the spaghetti squash.  Coincidentally, I also planned to prepare a pumpkin pecan bake for tomorrow’s breakfast (although we had some after dinner as well).  Despite the fact that we may have been on squash overload, everyone cleaned their plates, even the kids.  It was also helpful to see what everyone gravitated to for future squash purchases.  Hands down the Sloppy Joe over Spaghetti Squash was the winner!  The turkey and apple stuffed acorn squash may have had a little too much sage and thyme and I probably won’t be making this recipe again or will make it using sausage and leave out the sage/thyme.

Day 22

Breakfast: a few slices of prosciutto on the go and a cup of coffee

Lunch: Leftover rotisserie chicken with collard greens, sweet potato latkes, and salbitxada sauce on the side

Dinner: Turkey, apple and spinach stuffed acorn squash (I doubled the recipe from the Whole 30 website and left out the cranberries because I couldn’t find any and I added fresh spinach) and Sloppy Joe over spaghetti squash

Prepped for tomorrow: Pumpkin and Pecan Bake (I used this recipe and used almond butter, 1t pumpkin pie spice and 1/2t cinnamon but next time I would add more cinnamon and would add vanilla (assuming not on Whole 30))


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