Whole 30 – Day 16

I had to get a little creative today because I wanted to make burgers but couldn’t have a bun and didn’t really want to eat it with lettuce.  I still had to use a fork to eat this but it was truly satisfying.  Steve was a little hesitant to add the pea shoots at first but once he tried it with the burger he was pleasantly surprised how they complimented each other. Details on how I prepared dinner included below.

Day 16

Breakfast: 1 slice of broccoli/tomato/bacon frittata, coffee

Lunch: 1 red bell pepper with salsa verde chicken, guacamole, plantain chips

Snack: Pineapple/strawberries/blueberries

Dinner: Burgers in a Balsamic portabella bun topped with pea sprouts, air-fried potatoes, balsamic roasted acorn squash, and sautéed mushrooms

Prepared for tomorrow: Turkey breakfast sausage (purchased from Whole Foods and cooked in hot skillet with evoo)

Dinner preparation

1.  Acorn Squash

Once I got home from work, I immediately turned on the oven to 425F and started to prep the acorn squash (cut in half, deseeded, and sliced).  I put it on a non-stick foil lined baking sheet and added Tessemae’s balsamic (with a little S&P) and baked it for 35 min (turning mid-way through)

2. Potatoes

I peeled and sliced about 6 russet potatoes and boiled them for 5 min.  I drained them, tossed them with salt and evoo to them and added them to the air-fryer for 20 min (shaking it midway through).

3. Mushrooms

For the mushrooms, I added evoo to a hot skillet and added the mushrooms (washed/sliced) with a little crushed garlic, salt and pepper until desired doneness

4. Balsamic Portabellas

I washed and removed the stem from each portabella cap. In a hot cast iron skillet, I added evoo, the mushrooms and a little of Tessemae’s balsamic dressing (normally I would just marinate them in garlic and balsamic instead). I cooked them until tender (turning them mid way through).

5. Burgers

It was raining so we couldn’t grill outside.  I’m fortunate to have an indoor grill so I cooked the patties (mixed with salt/pepper and a little of Tessemae’s roasted garlic) on there and finished them in the oven.  Alternatively, you could use a skillet/griddle and I recommend finishing them in the oven until desired temp is achieved because I don’t care for char marks in general.


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