Whole 30 – Day 11

I knew today’s schedule was going to be tight on time so I planned accordingly.  I made the celeriac soup last night and when I got home I started the garlic/zucchini, followed by the cauliflower rice (frozen from TJs and cooked with a 1/4 cup of chicken stock, salt and pepper) and lastly made the shrimp.  A true 30 min meal (if that) start to finish.

Once we were done with dinner, I prepared one of my favorite leftover makeovers: Taco Tuesday Torta.  I’m so excited for it, I may go to sleep earlier just so I can wake up and eat it in the morning sooner! hehe!

Breakfast: Chorizo Sun-dried tomato frittata

Lunch: cream-less asparagus soup topped with kale chips, lamb with asparagus tips, and an orange

Dinner: Garlic Shrimp with cauliflower rice, sautéed zucchini and celeriac soup

Prepared for tomorrow: Torta using leftover beef from taco tuesday


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