Whole 30 – Day 10

I had another tempting day at work when I walked into the commons area and it was a birthday celebration…cake, cookies and ice cream bars for all…except me who stood there being tortured (since ice cream remains in my top 5 fav foods) while I waiting forever for my soup to heat up.  Thankfully, no one peer pressured me into having even the slightest spoonful…unlike my husband’s colleagues who repeatedly left cake at his desk today.

Day 10

Breakfast: 2 chorizo sun-dried tomato frittata squares and a cup of coffee

Lunch: Red pepper filled with chicken and avocado and a bowl of Italian wedding soup

Snack(s): Fruit (pineapple/cantaloupe/mango), 1/4c pistachio nutmeats mixed with coconut chips

Dinner: Grilled Lamb chops for me and the kids, steak for Steve, sautéed mushrooms and string beans with garlic (this was one of the first times my 4 year old really enjoyed the mushrooms and asked for more but that might be because she helped chop them or maybe because she has finally acquired a taste for them…either way :), kale chips, cream-less asparagus soup and I made artichokes in the instant pot for the first time.  Dinner was on the table with an hour of cooking and there were clean plates all around…Win!

Prepared for tomorrow: Celeriac Soup


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