Whole 30 – Day 9


Last night I had a dream (more like a nightmare) that we went to a party and all the food available had prohibited ingredients.  Thankfully, I woke up to an available frittata I made last night. Ok, so things are not that bad but I won’t lie, seeing a commercial of someone eating ice cream definitely had me a little envious.  Then I reminded myself how great I’m feeling, enjoyed a bowl of fruit and turned off the TV. 🙂

Day 9

Breakfast: Chorizo Sun-dried tomato frittata (think pizza for breakfast)

Lunch: Leftover rotisserie chicken with brussels sprouts and cooked carrots

Snack(s): Fruit (pineapple/cantaloupe/mango), 1/4c pistachio nutmeats, and a package of seasnax

Dinner: Taco Tuesday with homemade salsa with tostones/plantain chips.  I had the taco meat in red bell pepper halves and topped it with sliced avocado



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