Whole 30 – Day 8

Keeping costs down: a week full of Soups – Last week’s meal planning was definitely on the higher $$$ side.  This was mainly due to needing to stock up on initial pantry essentials, trying out several new snacks and ideas, and hosting additional family for a couple dinners.  This week, I’m going to try to keep the cost down by making soup for a couple meals with the bone broth I made over night.  Since I had a second chicken carcass, I made another batch of bone broth in the slow cooker after I took out the last batch.

Coconut water for the win – This weekend I entered my name into a raffle at my gym to win a boxing training session and they emailed me yesterday asking me to schedule it. YAY! I took the 1 hour training session today and it definitely wore me out.  I was starting to feel lightheaded so I was thankful that Steve had bought coconut water (see picture).  Not only did I feel better shortly after drinking 1/2 the bottle but this was the best tasting coconut water I’ve tried yet…wait it gets better…You can get this at Costco (4 pack for $12).  It’s a little on the pricier side but if you’ve been keeping up with the Whole 30 program, you know that coconut water is not something to drink all the time.  It has 14g of natural sugar in one 8 oz serving (half of the bottle). However, it provides natural electrolytes so it’s best to have some after you get your heart rate up for a while and work up a sweat.

Day 8

Breakfast: My husband and kids were home for MLK day but I was working, so Steve prepared breakfast. He made a prosciutto omelet with mashed avocado for himself and salmon/cucumber/avocado for me (pic of mine included). I was so grateful that he made breakfast, I didn’t even comment on how I would have put the mashed avocado on top of the salmon rather in between the salmon and cucumber or how a little dill on the top would have been a nice addition …hehe…I didn’t even mention it 🙂

Lunch: Leftover Peruvian style chicken

Snack: 1/2 bottle of coconut water & a handful of plantain chips

Dinner: Italian Wedding soup (I added some mini pasta for the kid’s soup since they have been real troopers in the Whole 30 journey)

Prepared for tomorrow: Chorizo and sun-dried tomato frittata


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