Whole 30 – Day 5

I went to the fish market today and may have made another trip to Whole Foods. My colleague at work let me know that there is a whole 30 approve milk available (The New Barn unsweetened almond milk) so I wanted to give it a try.  I got one of the last bottles so either it’s really good or there are a lot of people on the whole 30 … ok maybe there are some other reasons but I’m hoping it’s because it’s good 🙂

Day 5

Breakfast: Coffee of course and a slice of the chorizo frittata with sweet potato crust (both my son and Steve said they would prefer it without the sweet potato but they are also not sweet potato fans to begin with)

Lunch: Leftover chicken tikka masala and cauliflower rice and a side of tomatoes/cucumbers

Snack(s): a handful of pistachios, Dang (dried and salted coconut crisps) and a few Epic pieces of jerky

Dinner: Pistachio crusted salmon with roasted potatoes, roasted cauliflower and side salad with red wine vinegarette.  I also made Nom Nom paleo’s curried broccoli soup topped with a couple toasted coconut crisps.  The soup was good but it had a little too much of a kick for some of us.


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