5 Important Steps for Efficient Meal Planning

Making my zoodles side dish became so much easier once I invested in the right tool for the job!

Making my zoodles side dish became so much easier once I invested in the right tool for the job!

Organization is key to fitting homemade dinners and more into your life. Here’s what I do:

Step 1: Keep track with an Excel file. This file is my record of all records. I would be lost without it. It helps me plan my week, grocery shop, and remind myself of what’s for dinner. It also allows me to track my favorites and make edits for future reference. Additionally, if I see something I like, instead of “pinning” something that is a nice idea that I’ll never make, I put it in my planner so that I remember to make it. The other benefit with meal planning is that you might buy something that you only need a little bit of. To reduce waste, plan a subsequent meal that also requires said ingredient. For example, if you are making Beef Stroganoff, which generally includes sour cream, maybe plan a night of fajitas or quesadillas, which would also use sour cream.

Planning tip: Make more food than needed. You can either freeze for future use or take leftovers for lunch (that is what my family does 99.9% of the time). Continue reading


Meet Celine — That’s Me!

CelineheadshotHi, I’m Celine and I read cookbooks the way most people read novels. That’s what inspires me most.  However, you don’t need to read cookbooks or even surf the web to meal plan, you just need to know what you like to eat. Most of you reading this blog probably don’t have time to read blogs and if you did, you probably wouldn’t be here wondering how you are going to find time to cook a meal. This works out for both of us because you don’t have time to read and I generally don’t have time to write (nor do I like to do it).

Now that we got that out of the way, for those who are interested and have the time, here is a little background: I am a CPA by trade, working full days at a large accounting firm. My day begins at 6:30 am when I get up, shower, get two kids ready to go to school, take them to school and travel an hour to work, which I get to around 9. I leave work around 4:45, pick up the kids and am home around 6.

My husband is generally home around the same time, sometimes later. I cook dinner while my son does his homework and my daughter plays. Continue reading